Size Guide

Size Guide: Finding the Perfect Fit During Pregnancy

Understanding Your Size:


Pregnancy brings about an array of changes to your body, making it crucial to find the perfect fit for your clothing. At AJ Maternity Clothing, we are here to guide you through the process. You might be wondering, "What size should I buy during pregnancy?" Rest assured, the answer is simpler than you might think.


For Pregnancy:


When selecting sizes for our maternity clothing, we recommend sticking to your pre-pregnancy size. Yes, you read that right - there's no need to size up!


You might be tempted to opt for a larger size, given the growth of your bump and bust, along with other body changes. However, our clothing is thoughtfully designed to accommodate all stages of pregnancy. Through meticulous patternmaking and the use of stretch-friendly fabrics, our garments provide the flexibility and comfort you need. This means that our clothing will adapt and grow with you as your pregnancy progresses.


So, the next time you shop for maternity wear, trust your pre-pregnancy size for a perfect fit.


For Nursing:


When it comes to nursing, finding the right size depends on your bust size and personal preferences.

If you have a fuller bust, we recommend sticking to your pre-pregnancy size. Our clothing is designed to provide ample support and comfort for those with a larger bust.

On the other hand, if you have a smaller bust or prefer a snugger fit, you can consider sizing down from your pre-pregnancy size. This choice ensures a firmer fit that aligns with your comfort preferences.

In summary, choosing the perfect fit during pregnancy and nursing is about understanding your body's unique needs and preferences. Whether you're maintaining your pre-pregnancy size or making slight adjustments based on your bust size, our clothing is crafted to offer style and comfort throughout your journey.

If you still are uncertain about your size, we're here to make it simple. Just take your measurements and match them with the tables below to identify your perfect size!

Simply measure yourself and then use this guide to determine the size that suits you best. Whether it's everyday wear or something for a special occasion, our clothing is designed to ensure both comfort and style for every phase of life.

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